ISBN 9788174091793,Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for Engineers

Modern Refrigeration & Air Conditioning for Engineers


P.S. Desai


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174091793

ISBN-10 8174091793

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Number of Pages 1720 Pages
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Mechanical engineering

The book presents in detail the principles, practices and applications applied to Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. This book will serve as a complete text book for the students who have taken the subject as elective for final year, for M.E. students of Refrigeration and Air conditioning or Cryogenics. This book will also serve as a source book for UPSC, GATE and other competitive examinations. Part I, begins with all the essential topics that is necessary for knowing fundamental principles of Air refrigeration, Vapour compression system, Compound compression system, Absorption and Steam jet refrigeration. Different refrigerant control devices and components, like Compressors, Condensers, Evaporators and Expansion Valve piping system are covered in detail. Different selection/Design of Condenser Evaporator, TXV, Soilnoid Valve, Capillary tube and piping systems are discussed followed by various Testing Methods. Towards the end of Part I, Food preservation, Methods of designing of cold storage, refrigeration applied to commercial, industrial and residential along with all its applications is given. Part II, on Air conditioning begins with Psychrometry & its processes, Air and Human Comfort followed by Load Analysis which discusses Cooling Load, Heating Load and Residential Cooling Load calculations in detail. It also describes the designing of air conditioning ducts, selection procedures for different outlets and fans, sound vibration control, air distribution, air conditioning, air handling systems, air cleaning devices, humidifiers and cooling towers which is followed by chapters on air conditioning equipments, controls, applications and recent advances in field. The text is well supplemented with number of problems, calculations, tables and charts along with lots of practical data which will be of immense use to the field engineers and students and will serve as a good source book/handbook for personal use.

Table of Contents
Part-I : Refrigeration
Aircraft Refrigeration Vapor Compression System Compound Compression Steam Jet Refrigeration System Absorption System Refrigerants Thermoelectric Refrigeration Vortex Tube Refrigeration Refrigerant Control Devices Condensers Evaporators Refrigeration Compressors Refrigeration Piping, Accessories & Control Defrosting Methods Thermal Insulation Component Balancing in Refrigeration Systems Commissioning & Testing of Refrigeration Plant Heat Pumps Food Preservation Ice Manufacture (Industrial Refrigeration) Residential Refrigeration Commercial Refrigeration Low Temperature Refrigeration Applications of Refrigeration.

Part-II : Air-conditioning
Introduction Psychometric Psychometric Chart Psychometric Processes Air & Human Comfort Load Analysis (Cooling & Heating) Design of Air Conditioning Ducts Air Distribution Air Conditioning System Air Handling Systems Air Cleaning Devices Humidifiers Cooling Towers Dehumidifier Winter Air Conditioning Equipments Sound & Vibration Control Air Conditioning Controls Air Conditioning Applications Recent Advances in Air Conditioning