ISBN 9788181891990,Modern Vegetable Varieties & Production Technology

Modern Vegetable Varieties & Production Technology


D K Singh


Ibdc Publishers



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788181891990

ISBN-10 8181891996


Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

The book entitled ?Modern Vegetable Varieties and Production Technology? is a compilation of almost all the varieties developed from various SAUs, research centres and private seed companies, their characteristic features and the production technology involved in raising the vegetable crops. The book also contains few introductory chapters regarding the different vegetables grown in India, their area and production, nutritional aspect of vegetables and research done in the field of vegetables till date.

The book consists of three introductory chapters viz., (i) Vegetable Crops, (ii) Nutritional Importance of Vegetables and (iii) Vegetable Research in India. A brief background. The other part of the book consists of nine chapters viz., (i) Solanaceous Vegetables, (ii) Okra, (iii) Cole Crops, (iv) Cucurbitaceous Vegetables, (v) Peas and Beans, (vi) Bulb Crops, (vii) Root Crops, (viii) Leafy Vegetables and (ix) Asparagus. Each of these chapters includes the vegetable varieties and production technology of respective crops. This would be helpful to the teachers, scientists, students, extension workers and farmers of this country