ISBN 9788122205749,Modi - Leadership, Governance and Performance

Modi - Leadership, Governance and Performance


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Orient Paperbacks

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788122205749

ISBN-10 8122205747


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


So much has been said about Narendra Modi, can anything more be said about him? his life has been minutely chronicled. As a politician he is either admired or reviled. His economic achievements are ex-trolled, defended or derided. His role in the 2002 riots has been intensely scrutinized. There is little that Modi says or does that remains unknown. Perhaps no other Indian politician has been as much in the public eye. Some see him as India's deliverer, others find him troubling. Modi does not tolerate dissent but few Indian leaders do so as a matter of principle. Muslims are alienated. Despite these faults, discrediting his economic achievements is no way to attack his politics. If Modi gets the job he covets, he will have a unique opportunity to unite Indians in joint endeavor for national greatness or tear the social compact that has bound the nation together for over sixty-five years. Modi is a great learner, he has it in him to remake India for the better. An objective but penetrating assessment of the man who aspires to lead the country.