ISBN 9788189766832,Molecular and Synthetic Biology

Molecular and Synthetic Biology


H D Kumar


Vitasta Publishing



Vitasta Publishing

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788189766832

ISBN-10 818976683X


Number of Pages 561 Pages
Language (English)


The book attempts to explain the extremely complicated processes that operate in living cells and organisms in terms of the laws of chemistry and physics. The substantial impact of recent advances in information production via high-throughput technologies, computational advances, nanoscience and bionanotechnology, microarray and imaging technologies and other high-tech wizardry on what is happening at the molecular level is facilitating a much better understanding of biological phenomena today than it was possible a decade ago.A comprehensive account of nucleic acids, genomics, proteomics, storage and transfer of genetic information is followed by outlines of emerging and futuristic areas of intense current interest such as bioinformatics, metabolomics, systems and synthetic biology, bio-engineering and designer organisms-areas that will keep researchers of nanobiology and molecular biology fully engaged in the challenging task of how to gainfully exploit the properties and capabilities of existing and novel tailor-made life forms to address some of the most pressing issues in biomedical, healthcare and environmental sciences today and tomorrow. Besides its overall utility for all biologists, Molecular and Synthetic Biology should serve as a modern textbook for courses in molecular biology, biotechnology, molecular genetics, bioengineering and biomedicine. It is supported by the most updated references and a comprehensive glossary of useful terms.