ISBN 9788181890771,Molecular Genetics And Breeding Of Forest Trees

Molecular Genetics And Breeding Of Forest Trees



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Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788181890771

ISBN-10 8181890779

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Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

This Unique Single Course Integrates Tree Transgenesis, Functional Genomics, And Structural Genomics To Present, For The First Time, A Unified Approach To Reasrch On The Molecualr Biology Of Forest Trees. A Distinguished Panel Of Scientists, Reaserchers, And Educators From Around The World Have Combined Their Efforst To Present The Most Up-To-Date Information On Genome Mapping, The Molecular Biology Of Wood Formation And More, With Chapters Exploring Every Aspect Of This Quickly Evolving Field. Examining Est Databases, Proteomics, Modification Of Flowering, Microsatellite Dna Markers, Ectomycorrhizal Symbiosis, And Much More, Molecular Genetics And Breeding Of Forest Trees Is An Important Addition To Your Professional Or Teaching Colletion. Helpful Tables And Figures Make Important Points Easy To Access And Understand.

About The Authors
Sandeep Kumar, Is A Tree Molecular Biologist With A Wide Range Of Experience In Plant Tissue Culture, Genetic Transformation, And Tree Genomics. He Completed His Master'S And Doctrate In India And Presently Works At The Institute For Forest Genetics And Forest Tree Breeding In Grosshansdorf, Germany. He Has Been Working On Genetic Transformation Of Forest Trees, Stable Expression Of Transgenes, Gene Silencing, Mechanisms Of Transgene Integration In A Tree System, And Transposon/T-Dna Based Gene Tagging In Trees. His Current Research Interests Include Controlled Gene Transfer Into Predetermined Genomic Positions And Gene Tagging For Tree Functional Genomics.