ISBN 9789380914282,Mom and I Love a Terrorist : Can Love Happen with a Man in Dark?

Mom and I Love a Terrorist : Can Love Happen with a Man in Dark?


Leema Dhar



General Press Publisher

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380914282

ISBN-10 9380914288


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)


Kelly is a nineteen year old girl who lives with her single mom on the Island of Andaman. Her life suddenly turns upside down with the arrival of a black stranger. She finds it highly strange that the identity of this man is shrouded in mystery. Moreover, her mother is not too willing to disclose much about the stranger other than the fact that he is a family friend. Eventually, she finds her mother sneaking into the guest house one night. This leads to a turmoil of emotion in her as she is devastated by the fact that her mother was having an affair with this dark stranger. All this leads to a series of misunderstandings and she begins to feel isolated and frustrated in her own home.

Ricko, a college mate of Kelly’s, finds himself getting attracted to her while Kelly on the other hand, finds herself getting closer to Amaan, a boat maker. But there are some very haunting questions in her mind. Who is the black man and what is his relationship to Kelly’s mother? Will she be able to unveil the truth? Will a fatherless girl get her father back? Would Kelly be able to figure out her own feelings? Who is her dream man, Ricko or Amaan?

The novel, Mom And I Love A Terrorist: Can Love Happen With A Man In Dark? is a novel that answers these and many more questions while keeping the readers hooked at every turn. By easily blending romance with suspense, the author is able to create the right kind of aura and mystery around the characters. Though Kelly is the main protagonist, the author has invested a lot of time and effort in sketching the other characters as well, which adds to the rich reading experience of the readers.