ISBN 9781578515226,Momentum : The Leadership Journey at Harley-Davidson

Momentum : The Leadership Journey at Harley-Davidson



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9781578515226

ISBN-10 157851522X


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


In this book, marketing and communications experts Ron Ricci and John Volkmann argue that the unique features of digital products -- and of consumer goods that contain digital components -- force customers to consider the viability of the company behind the solution to their problems. Picking a losing company could mean getting stuck with products that can't be upgraded or services that can't be extended. So customers buy from the company that they believe will be the long-term -- indeed, the inevitable -- winner. They buy from the company that has what the authors call momentum.

More than sheer motion, momentum is mass, speed, and direction, combined in a value proposition so compelling that all constituents in a given marketplace believe it--and want to go with it. Ricci and Volkmann provide a practical formula -- borrowed from the world of physics and proven in the marketplace -- for how companies build and sustain momentum. Drawing upon their intensive study of 20,000 consumer and corporate buyers, the authors also reveal the "six forces of digital differentiation" that characterize "inevitable" market winners in the customer's mind.

Ricci and Volkmann introduce a "momentum index" that will enable senior management, product marketers, and marketing communication strategists to:

--Measure a brand's momentum against that of its competitors
--Diagnose a company's strengths and weaknesses as a market contender
--Develop an action plan for sustaining or strengthening a competitive position
--Apply momentum strategies to the digital features of traditional offerings

For anyone responsible for managing or communicating about a company and its brands, this book shows how companies can ride momentum to industry dominance