ISBN 9789380200613,Money Mantras: Your Guide to Financial Success

Money Mantras: Your Guide to Financial Success



Network 18 Publications Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789380200613

ISBN-10 9380200617

Hard Back

Number of Pages 180 Pages
Language (English)


YOUR GUIDE TO FINANCIAL SUCCESS Striving for financial success can be as simple or complex as you make it. There are those who will swear by investment models based on intricate mathematics and others who will tell you that investing is all about applying common sense. Fortunately, the latter view is held by most financial gurus of this era. From time to time, and through different mediums, they have testified that doing ordinary things in an extraordinary way have yielded results. And that is exactly what ‘Money Mantras Your guide to Financial Success’ teaches you to do – undertake regular financial actions and look at everyday financial quandaries from a fresh perspective, so that they deliver more efficient results. The book offers you interesting and educative snippets on Financial Planning and related aspects such as Investing, Borrowing, Taxes and more. These extremely simple submissions and solutions are accompanied by the advice of well known and lesser known financial gurus, motivational speakers, authors of various genres and many others, in the form of quotable quotes. The light-hearted presentation of profound themes in a free and easy style keeps the reader coming back for more. Suitable for either random browsing or sequential breezing from cover to cover, this book is bound to empower you with helpful tips that will change the way you perceive and conduct your financial affairs. How the book will help you… ? go about planning your finances ? decide how and where to invest ? figure out when it makes sense to take a loan and when you should steer clear of credit ? realise the importance of paying your taxes on time and make the most of tax breaks ? gauge how much insurance you need and what type of insurance products suit you best ? learn from other people’s financial mistakes and profit from their successes In a nutshell, it will teach you simple truths about financial planning that go a long way towards creation of wealth and its maintenance