ISBN 9788183391009,Monuments and Temples of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh

Monuments and Temples of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh



Gulshan Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183391009

ISBN-10 8183391001


Language (English)

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Monuments and Temples of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh This book provides an introduction to a history of civilization of Kashmir, Jammu and Ladakh through monuments and temples .An introductory overview of Kashmiri culture and civilization in ancient Sanskrit literature is provided herein. For understanding the art and culture of ancient Jammu and Kashmir since early period, focus lies on drama and music; cosmology and science; tantra; Buddhist architecture and painting; dynasties; ancient monuments and temples of historical importance; Medieval Hindu and Buddhist buildings and Muslim architecture. This book explores the ancient Buddhist state and the monasteries of ladakh. Special reflections also find place lie on Rajatarangini chronicles and dynasties and Bumazuv caves and temples. Reflections on ancient trails and passes of Ladhak are made.