ISBN 9788129131133,More Men on My Mind - Love em, Leave em cant Live without em

More Men on My Mind - Love em, Leave em cant Live without em


Radha Thomas


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788129131133

ISBN-10 8129131137


Number of Pages 293 Pages
Language (English)


More Men on My Mind is a whimsical, quirky look at sex from a womans point of view. A sequel to the critically acclaimed Men on My Mind, the protagonists hunt for a good man takes her not only around the world but also into her own soul. And both, she finds, arent exactly what she expected.

From speeding illegally down the avenues of New York with Italian men in their alfa Romeos to the hospitals of Brooklyn with doctors who like stirrups, from charming, silver-tongued oriental drug dealers to musicians who alternately delight and terrorise her, there is nothing predictable about her adventures.

Life teaches her lessons the hard way, but she dusts herself off pragmatically and soldiers on, skirting danger and flirting with potentially horrible endings.

More Men on My Mind takes you directly into the mind of the modern woman, fearlessly exposing its innermost workings. Sometimes frightening, sometimes gut-wrenching, mostly unpredictable and always hilarious, this book does not hold a single dull moment.

Interesting Facts

  • Keeping in mind the sales input for the cover of Men on My Mind (1st in the series), More Men on My Mind is jacketed in a bright red colour, highlighting the mood of the book.

  • Target audience-both men and women alike, age group - 18+

  • Although this book is a sequel, it can be read independently, creating much amusement for readers to pick up the first one too.

  • With its upbeat story telling technique and sassy first person narrative style, this book makes for a fun-filled and breezy summerish read.