ISBN 9788172238643,Mother Pious Lady : Mother Pious Lady

Mother Pious Lady : Mother Pious Lady



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788172238643

ISBN-10 8172238649


Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

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We all need to stop looking at India the same way as we did in the past years. The nation is emerging from its immense and intricate past and craves to be seen with a different view in order to leave its past behind and move on. This is what one of the most well-known social commentators, Santosh Desai, tries to put across in this book. Summary of the Book In this book, Santosh Desai takes a look at the modern Indian middle class in an affectionate and humorous way. He has written this book as an insider and most of what he says is out of personal experience. He goes deep into the confusion of the India of today and yesterday, and moves on to drawing a very clear picture for the readers. He makes us take a good look at ourselves and how we've changed in terms of what drives us, what excites us, and how our mindsets and attitudes are constantly changing with the times. The past does not leave us, but this does not mean that we have not moved on and this is shown in the way we live today. Desai puts all of this across to us through his short and in-depth essays that include humor and sensitivity. Read and learn from this book about the small things in our lives that really matter. About Santosh Desai Santosh Desai is a successful advertising professional. He is a columnist with many well-known publications and writes extensively on media, popular culture, consumer markets and everyday life.