ISBN 9788121504362,Motifs in Indian Mythology: Their Greek and other parallels

Motifs in Indian Mythology: Their Greek and other parallels



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1981

ISBN 9788121504362

ISBN-10 8121504368

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Number of Pages 274 Pages
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Dr. Arora's present book is indeed a most welcome addition to the growing field of comparative mythological studies. The work is a very thorough investigation into some of the major themes and motifs in Indian mythology in a much wider and comparative perspective. He has carefully selected them from Indian, Greek, West-Asian, and other sources. The result obtained by him provides an amazing story of interaction between various cultural traditions through space and time. This is a painstaking work of research and a substantial contribution not only to the History of Indian Civilization but also to that of the ancient world. Dr. Arora has approached his question with an open mind with result that his findings do not betray pre-suppositions and prejudices one often finds in such studies. Contents Foreword Introduction Preface Chap. I : THE CREATION : 1. The Creation of the world : i. Union of the Sky and the Earth ii. Separation of the Sky and the Earth iii. World-Egg iv. Primeval-Giant v. Earth-Diver vi. Creator as a Master-Artificer vii. Primality of Water 2. The Four Ages of the Hindus 3. The Great Flood : i. Survival of the Deluge ii. Deluge Warnings iii. Escape from the Deluge iv. Mountain of Deliverance v. Sacrifice of Thanksgiving vi. The Cause of the Deluge vii. The Source of Water in Deluge viii. Origin of Flood-legend Chap. II : BIRTHS : 1. Birth of Kama : i. Sun for Progeny ii. Birth with Armour iii. Abandonment of the Child iv. Drawn from Water 2. Birth of Sita 3. Birth of Vasistha and Agastya : i. Fertility and Water Filled Jar 4. Birth of Draupadi and Dhrstadyumna 5. Birth of Matsya and Satyavati 6. Birth of Sakuntala 7. Emergence from Kamadhenu 8. Birth of Rama 9. Birth of Mandhatr : i. Drinking of Magical-water ii. Birth through a Male Sex iii. Birth from some Non-generative Part of the Body 10. Birth of Krsna 11. Birth of Balarama : i. Lucky Seven ii. Substraction of a Number from the Group Chap. III : DEATHS : 1. Death of Medhavin 2. Death of Krsnare : i. Vulnerable-spot ii. The Arrow of the Old Age 3. Death of Duryodhana 4. Death of Kamsa : i. Slaughter of the Innocents ii. Death Prophesied 5. Death of the Pandavas 6. Ruru and Pramadvara 7. Death of Duhsasana 8. Riddles of Yaksa : i. Looking for Water ii. The Soul in the Reflection of Water iii. The Riddles Chap. IV : METAMORPHOSES : 1. The Magical-Conflict of Alambusa and Iravan 2. Indra and Ahalya : i. Adultery by Gods through Metamorphoses ii. Castration-a Punishment for Adultery iii. Ram as a Fertilizing Force iv. Petrification 3. The Ogress Surpanakha : i. The Seducer Ogress ii. Cutting Ear and Nose 4. Change of Sex-Sikhandini-Sikhandin : i. Actual Change of Sex ii. Pretended Change of Sex 5. Sex Change of Bhangasvan 6. Escape of Krsna Chap. V : SUPERNATURAL-MAIDENS : 1. Ganga and Santanu : i. The Children of Water-Nymphs ii. A Swan-Maiden Story iii. The Taboo of Silence iv. Totemic Origin of 'Swan-Maiden' Tales v. Children Sacrifice to the River Goddess vi. Immortality through Water vii. Removal of Sin through Water 2. Urvasi and Pururavas : i. Nudity Taboo ii. Totemic Origin iii. Immortality through Fire Chap. VI : MISCELLANEOUS MOTIFS : 1. Nala and Damayanti : i. Love of One Unseen ii. Act of Truth iii. Recognition among Identical Companions iv. Grateful-Snake v. Magical Object vi. Shamanist Contest vii. Hero in the Guise of a Cook viii. Magical-Cooking 2. The Inexhaustible Vessel of Draupadi : i. Wishing Jewel ii. Inexhaustible-Cloth and Inexhaustible-Purse iii. Kamadhenu and Cornucopia iv. Wishing Tree 3. Svayarnvara or Draupadi 4. Three Strides of Vamana 5. The Sleep of Kumbhakarna 6. The Ring of Rama 7. The Maya Sita Chap. VII : INSTRUCTIVE TALES : 1. The Gold Producing Prince 2. The Penance of Yavakrita 3. Sunda and Upasunda 4. Other Instructive Tales Chap. VIII : THE MAKE-UP OF INDIAN LEGENDS : 1. Indo-European Origin 2. Greek Impact on Indian Legends 3. Indian Impact on 'Greek Fables 4. Near Eastern Impact on Indian Legends 5. Aboriginal Customs in Indian Legends