ISBN 9788182054226,Mountains of the God (Spiritual Ecology of Human Religion), Vol. 2

Mountains of the God (Spiritual Ecology of Human Religion), Vol. 2


K. S. Gulia


Isha Books



Isha Books

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788182054226

ISBN-10 8182054222

Hard Back

Number of Pages 403 Pages
Language (English)


Volume 1: Spiritual Ecology Including Dharma Rituals and Customs: This book presents a new vista to the Himalayan religious-Brahmanical as well as non-Brahmanical and primitive. Most of the pre historic primitive religious, however, are adopting nowadays Brahmanical religious practices in order to climb up the social ladder. The book reveals that the Himalayan Temples also serve to preserve and protect the culture of the social segments concerned. But large shrines like Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri have power of influencing the non-Brahmanical and primitive culture, and set pace for a new cultural trend, besides the religious trends.------------------------------------------------------ Volume 2 : Spiritual Ecology of Monasteries and Gompas: Hindu and Mahayana Buddhist Philosophies followed in the Himalayan region, offer much to ponder on the spiritual and metaphysical connections between human and nature. The Buddhist ?Monasteries? and ?Gompas? in the Himalayas, and Tibet include the erstwhile cave-hermitages, the ?hlakkangs? or ?Small temples? and conglomerations of temples. The buildings sites for ?gompas? and ?monasteries? are selected with great care, with due considerations to auguries and omens. Prayer wheels and prayer flages are duly placed and erected, and differentiated on the basic of their colour patterns. A number of legends are associated with the monasteries and gompas. The Volume addresses about secrets in detail.