ISBN 9788183330008,Moving From Windows To Linux

Moving From Windows To Linux




BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788183330008

ISBN-10 8183330002


Language (English)


This  book has been written to provide the reader an insight into how simple it is to use the Linux operating system and programming environment.

Major Linux distributions such as Red Hat,Fedora,Mandrake and Suse ,have released mature,full ?featured versions suitable for day-to-day use on an averagecomputeruser?s desktop or laptop,including not only a complete operating system but also a Microsoft office-compatible application suite and a lots of additional tools available with the distribution.

Table of Contents

    Section 1 ?Setting Up the Framework
  • Chapter 1 : Why Switch over to Linux

  • Chapter 2 : Setting up the Fedora Core Operating System

  • Chapter 3: Setting up SUSE

  • Section 2 ?Getting Started
  • Chapter 4 : Understanding the Linux OS

  • Chapter 5 : Configuring the Linux OS

  • Chapter 6 : Linux Commands

  • Chapter 7 : Dial ?Up Connectivity

  • Sector 3 ? Working on a Linux Box
  • Chapter 8 : Using Open Office

  • Chapter 9 : Installing the Command Window

  • Chapter10: Understanding the Command Window

  • Chapter 11: RedHat Package Manager(RPM)

  • Chapter 12:Setting up and Using VNC

  • Sector 4 ?Programming Under Linux
  • Chapter 13: SMB Server Implementation ?Samba

  • Chapter 14: Using the Linux Compliler GNU CC

  • Chapter 15: Installing Apachie 2.0

  • Chapter 16: Setting up and Using MYSQL

  • Chapter 17:PHP Basic Programming Concepts

  • Chapter 18: Perl Basic Programming Concepts

  • Chapter 19:Setting Up AND Using Java

  • Chapter 20:GAMBAS Basic Programming Concepts

  • Chapter 21:Using Quanta Plus on Linux

  • Sector 5 ?Advance Topics
  • Chapter 22:Accessing Data from Windows on Linux

  • Chapter 23:Disk Partitioning Fundamentals

  • Chapter 24:Installing /Using Multiple Linux Distributors on a Single Machine