ISBN 9789351411727,Mp Pet 2014 Success Package (Physics| Chemistry| Mathematics)

Mp Pet 2014 Success Package (Physics| Chemistry| Mathematics)



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9789351411727

ISBN-10 9351411729


Edition 4th
Number of Pages 1172 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Every year the Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board, Bhopal conducts the Pre-Engineering Test (PET) for admission to various B.E. (Bachelor of Engineering) courses in engineering colleges declared autonomous by the State, the Government Aided Engineering Colleges, Self Financing Autonomous Colleges and all private engineering colleges in the state of Madhya Pradesh. This success package has been designed for PET 2014 which will consist of multiple choice questions in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics of 300 marks each. The success package for MP PET 2014 has been strictly designed following the curriculum of MP PET which is same as the curriculum of Higher Secondary Board of the Madhya Pradesh State. The book provides a comprehensive coverage of all the topics of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics according to the prescribed syllabus of the PET 2014. The Physics section has been divided into 29 chapters covering the various concepts of Physics such as Vectors, Gravitation, Electrostatics, Wave Optics, Magnetic Effect of Current, etc whereas the Chemistry section has been divided into 30 chapters covering the Chemical Kinetics, Thermodynamics, Hydrocarbons, Polymers, etc and the Mathematics section has been divided into 27 chapters covering Quadratic Equations, Probability, Functions, Vector Algebra, Differentiation, etc. The questions covered in the book have been designed on the basis of the questions asked in the previous years MP PET. The theoretical description of the topics is easily comprehensible with the ready illustrations that have been covered with the text matter. Sufficient number of solved and unsolved questions designed on the current trend of questions asked in MP PET have been covered in each section to make the students ready to face the MP PET boldly and achieve success in the same. The book also contains practice sets for the examination which will help the students in self-assessment and revision of the difficult concepts. At the end last seven years (2007-2013) Solved Papers of MP PET have been provided which will help the students understand the trend of the examination. As the success package has been designed strictly on the lines of previous years MP PET and comprehensively covers various concepts, it for sure will act as a success package for the upcoming MP PET 2014. TABLE OF CONTENTS Physics 1. Measurements 2. Vectors 3. Kinematics 4. Laws of Motion and Forces 5. Work, Energy and Power 6. Rotational Motion 7. Gravitation 8. Elasticity 9. Surface Tension 10. Gas Laws and Kinetic Theory of Gases 11. Thermometry, Thermal Expansion & Calorimetry 12. Thermodynamics 13. Heat Transfer 14. Oscillations 15. Mechanical Waves 16. Superposition of Waves and Doppler's Effect 17. Ray Optics 18. Dispersion of Light 19. Wave Optics 20. Electrostatics 21. Current Electricity 22. Electrical Measurements & Direct Current Circuits 23. Magnetostatics 24. Magnetic Effect of Current 25. Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current 26. Electrons and Photons 27. Atomic Structure & X-Rays 28. Physics of Nucleus 29. Semiconductor Devices Chemistry 1. Basic Concepts of Chemistry 2. The Solid State 3. Atomic Structure 4. Periodicity of Elements 5. Chemical Bonding 6. Acids, Bases and Salts 7. Volumetric Analysis 8. Thermodynamics 9. Chemical Kinetics 10. Equilibrium 11. Solutions 12. Electrochemistry 14. Surface Chemistry 15. Principles and Processes of Extraction of Elements 16. s-Block Elements 17. p-Block Elements 18. Transition Elements : d and f-Block Elements 19. Coordination Compounds and Organometallics 20. Nuclear Chemistry 21. Organic Chemistry : Some Basic Principles 22. Hydrocarbons 23. Purification and Characterisation of Organic Compounds 24. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes 25. Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers 26. Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids 27. Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen (Amine, Nitro Compounds, Cyanide, Isocyanide and Diazo Salts) 28. Stereochemistry 29. Polymers 30. Biomolecules 13. Redox Reactions Mathematics 1. Complex Numbers 2. Quadratic Equations 3. Sequences and Series 4. Exponential and Logarithmic Series 5. Binomial Theorem 6. Matrices and Determinants 7. Permutations and Combinations 8. Probability 10. Trigonometric Ratios and Equations 11. Properties of Triangles & Height and Distance 12. Inverse Trigonometric Functions 13. Rectangular Cartesian Coordinates 14. Straight Lines and Pair of Straight Lines 15. Circles and Family of Circles 16. Conic Section 17. Functions 18. Limits, Continuity and Differentiability 19.Differentiation 20. Applications of Derivatives 21. Indefinite Integration 22. Definite Integration and Area of Bounded Region 23. Differential Equations 24. Vector Algebra 25. Three Dimensional Geometry 26. Correlation and Regression 27. Linear Programming 28. Numerical Methods Practice Sets MP PET Solved Paper 2007 MP PET Solved Paper 2008 MP PET Solved Paper 2009 MP PET Solved Paper 2010 MP PET Solved Paper 2011 MP PET Solved Paper 2012 MP PET Solved Paper 2013