ISBN 9789381066300,MPA 013 Public Systems Management

MPA 013 Public Systems Management



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381066300

ISBN-10 9381066302


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Computer programming

MPA 13 Public Systems Management TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter1 Public Systems Management: Concept, Nature, Scope and Characteristics Chapter2 Distinctiveness of Public Systems Management Chapter3 Public Systems Management: Constitutional Context Chapter4 Public Systems Management: Political Context Chapter5 Public Systems Management: Socioeconomic Context Chapter6 New Technologies and Public Systems Management Chapter7 Concept of Governance: An Introduction Chapter8 Governance: Role of Bureaucracy and Political Executive Chapter9 Governance: Role of the Legislature and the Judiciary Chapter10 Intergovernmental Relations in the Process of Governance Chapter11 Financial Management Chapter12 Materials Logistics Management Chapter13 Strategic Management Chapter14 Key Management Tools Chapter15 Management Information System Chapter16 Work Measurement Chapter17 Selective Marketing Techniques Chapter18 Future Designing Techniques Chapter19 Accountability Chapter20 Responsiveness in Public Systems Management Chapter21 Transparency and Right to Information Chapter22 Networking and Interinstitutional Coordination in Governance Chapter23 Reforms and Change Management Chapter24 Empowerment Chapter25 Continuity and Change in Public Systems Management QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2008 2. Solution Paper Dec 2008 3. Solution Paper June 2009 4. Solution Paper Dec 2009 5. Solution Paper June 2010 6. Solution Paper Dec 2010 7. Question Paper June 2011 8. Question Paper Dec 2011 9. Question Paper June 2012 10. Question Paper Dec 2012 11. Question Paper June 2013 12. Question Paper Dec 2013