ISBN 9789381066430,MPA011 State, Society And Public Administration

MPA011 State, Society And Public Administration



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381066430

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MPA 11 State, Society And Public Administration TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter1 Nature of the State Chapter2 Relationship among the State, Society and Public Administration Chapter3 Changing Role of the State: Issues and Challenges Chapter4 Liberal and Marxist Perspective Chapter5 NeoLiberal Perspective Chapter6 Gandhian Perspective Chapter7 Interface Between Citizens and Administration Chapter8 Case Studies on Democratic People's Struggle Chapter9 Changing Norms of Social Equity, Participation, Autonomy and Flexibility Chapter10 Social Participation: Issues of Gender, Weaker Sections and Environment Chapter11 Changing Nature of the Indian State Chapter12 Role of Bureaucracy in Policy Formulation, Implementation and Analysis Chapter13 Contemporary Context of Indian Bureaucracy Chapter14 Impact of Globalization on Public Administration Chapter15 Challenges to Traditional Bureaucratic Paradigm Chapter16 Emerging Concepts: New Public Management, Reinventing Government and Business Process Reengineering Chapter17 Concept of Good Governance Chapter18 Governmental Institutions: Towards Reforms Chapter19 The Role of Civil Society Organizations Chapter20 Redefinition of Conflict Resolution Chapter21 Ethical Concerns in Public Administration QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2007 2. Solution Paper Dec 2007 3. Solution Paper June 2008 4. Solution Paper Dec 2008 5. Solution Paper June 2009 6. Solution Paper Dec 2009 7. Solution Paper June 2010 8. Solution Paper Dec 2010 9. Question Paper June 2011 10. Question Paper Dec 2011 11. Question Paper June 2012 12. Question Paper Dec 2012 13. Question Paper June 2013 14. Question Paper Dec 2013