ISBN 9789381066768,MPSE 012 State And Society In Australia

MPSE 012 State And Society In Australia



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381066768

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MPSE 12 State and Society in Australia CONTENTS COVERED Chapter 1 Australia: Land and People Chapter 2 Aboriginals People and European Settlers' Colonisation Chapter 3 Immigrants Chapter 4 Identity and Citizenship Chapter 5 Constitutional Development A Historical Perspective Chapter 6 Federalism in Australia Chapter 7 Political Parties and Pressure Groups in Australia Chapter 8 Australian Nationalism Chapter 9 Development Strategies Chapter 10 SocioEconomic Impact of Developmental Strategies Chapter 11 Australia in the World Economy Chapter 12 Current Debates on Aborigines Chapter 13 Immigration and Ethnicity Chapter 14 Australian Multiculturalism Chapter 15 Gender and Women Issues Chapter 16 Indians in Australia QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2008 2. Solution Paper June 2009 3. Solution Paper Dec 2009 4. Solution Paper June 2010 5. Solution Paper Dec 2010