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Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788174762801

ISBN-10 8174762809


Number of Pages 232 Pages
Language (English)


Published in 1925, Mrs Dalloway is the story of one day from the life of Mrs. Clarissa Dalloway. An amalgamation of two short stories, Mrs Dalloway in Bond Street, and the unfinished The Prime Minister. As the protagonist prepares to host a party, the story moves in and out of minds of all characters and builds an image of Clarissa and the life of post world war high society life in the United Kingdom. She meets people from her past and hears of news that makes her party a slow success. The book explores the love and hate stories in other people's lives by a minute by minute feel of the activities and events that take place on a single day. The book was made into a movie in 1997 by Dutch film director Marleen Gorris and once again in 2002. Adeline Virginia Woolf was one of the foremost modernist figures of English literature of the twentieth century. She was born in London in January 1882. She was the third child of her parents, who were both previously married and widowed. Woolf began writing for the Times Literary Supplement in 1900. Her half brother's company, Gerald Duckworth and Company Ltd. published her first novel, The Voyage Out. Subsequent novels and essays published by her enjoyed both critical and popular success. She experimented with interior monologue depicting the emotional and psychological thought waves of her characters. Few of her noted novels are Night and Day, Jacob's Room, The Waves, and Between the Acts. She also wrote short stories like Monday or Tuesday, A Haunted House and Other Short Stories, and The Complete Shorter Fiction. The list of her biographical and non fictional works includes Orlando: A Biography, The Death of the Moth and Other Essays, and The Platform of Time: Memoirs of Family and Friends. In March 1941, she succumbed to one of her attacks of nervous breakdown depressions and committed suicide.