ISBN 9789381638460,MS 44 Security Analysis And Portfolio Management

MS 44 Security Analysis And Portfolio Management



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638460

ISBN-10 9381638462


Number of Pages 230 Pages
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MS 44 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 An Overview Chapter1 Nature and Scope of Investment Process Chapter2 Components of Investment Risk Chapter3 Valuation of Securities Block 2 Securities Market in India Chapter4 Indian Stock Market: Organisation and Functioning Chapter5 Regulation Block 3 Analysis for Equity Investment Chapter6 Economy & Industry Analysis Chapter7 Company Level Analysis Chapter8 Technical Analysis Chapter9Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) Block 4 Portfolio Theory Chapter10 Portfolio Analysis Chapter11 Portfolio Selection Chapter12 Capital Market Theory Chapter13 Portfolio Revision Block 5 Institutional and Managed Portfolios Chapter14 Performance Evaluation of Managed Portfolio Chapter15 Investment Companies Chapter16 147155 Mutual Funds QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2005 2. Question Paper Dec 2005 3. Question Paper Dec 2006 4. Solution Paper June 2007 5. Solution Paper Dec 2007 6. Solution Paper June 2008 7. Solution Paper Dec 2008 8. Question Paper June 2009 9. Question Paper Dec 2009 10. Question Paper June 2010