ISBN 9789381970478,MS 52 Project Management

MS 52 Project Management



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381970478

ISBN-10 9381970475


Number of Pages 350 Pages
Language (English)

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MS 52 Project Management CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Project Formation and Appraisal Unit1 Project Management: An Overview Unit2 Feasibility and Technical Analysis Unit3 Market and Demand Analysis Unit4 Economic and Financial Analysis Unit5 Formulation of Detailed Project Reports Block 2 Project Planning and Scheduling Unit6 Planning Time Scale Network Analysis Unit7 Materials and Equipment Unit8 Human Resources Unit9 Project Costing and Financing Unit10 Organization Structures in Projects Block 3 Implementation and Control Unit11 Project Management Information System Unit12 Material and Equipment Unit13 Planning and Control Unit14 Financial Aspects Block 4 Project Completion and Evaluation Unit15 Integrated Project Management Control System Unit16 Managing Transition From Project to Operations Unit17 Project Completion and EvaluationProject Review QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2008 2. Solution Paper Dec 2008 3. Solution Paper June 2009 4. Solution Paper Dec 2009 5. Solution Paper June 2010 6. Solution Paper Dec 2010 7. Solution Paper June 2011 8. Solution Paper Dec 2011