ISBN 9788183332309,MS Excel 2007  Made Simple

MS Excel 2007 Made Simple


Satish Jain


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788183332309

ISBN-10 8183332307


Number of Pages 137 Pages
Language (English)


The book begins with the basics of spreadsheet package namely Excel 2007.   Chapter 2 discusses the concept of Workbook.   The next two chapters explain data entering and date editing techniques used in Excel 2007.   Chapter 5 describes the formatting styles. For making worksheet attractive and very easy to comprehend.   Chapter 6 deals with range of cells and operators used in formulas for making work easy.   Chapter 7 explains different functions available for use in worksheet along with ample number of solved examples.   Chapter 8 is based on Charts and Graphics drawn using Excel 2007   Chapter 9 discusses the method to setup worksheet for printing.   Chapter 10 explains method to lino and embed worksheet wit other windows based software packages.   Features - Easy to understand methodology using simple English - Covers almost all features of Excel 2007 comprehensively - Will also serve as a useful reference book for experienced MS-Excel users - Index is included for quick and easy access to all the topics discussed in the book, thus   reducing the reader’s valuable time in searching for a topic.   Contents Chapter 1: Getting Started with Excel 2007 Chapter 2: Using Workbooks Chapter 3: Entering Data in Excel 2007 Chapter 4: Editing Data in Excel 2007 Chapter 5: Formatting Worksheet Chapter 6: Working with Range o Cells in Excel 2007 Chapter 7: Using Functions in Excel 2007 Chapter 8: Working with Charts in Excel 2007 Chapter 9: Printing Worksheet Chapter 10: Object Lin king and Embedding