ISBN 9788120325364,Ms Off. 2003 Editions Rk (Cd)

Ms Off. 2003 Editions Rk (Cd)



Phi Learning Private Ltd

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788120325364

ISBN-10 8120325362


Number of Pages 768 Pages
Language (English)

Computer Engineering

Get the definitive reference for deploying, maintaining, and supporting Microsoft Office 2003 Professional Edition-straight from the source. This official RESOURCE KIT provides in-depth technical guidance plus must-have tools direct from the Microsoft Office product team. IT professionals get in-depth details on hardware requirements; application and operating system compatibility; licensing; key deployment scenarios, from installing individual applications to implementing a worldwide, multilingual deployment; customizing Office features; executing and troubleshooting an installation; managing macro security, digital rights management, and encryption; installing or upgrading to Microsoft Outlook?; customizing security settings and features for e-mail messaging; and more. The CD includes tools, wizards, templates, and other on-the-job resources to help simplify and automate administrative tasks. Together, the book and CD provide everything you need to save time and reduce ownership and support costs. Target Audience : Information technology professionals About the Technology : Welcome to the latest suite of information-worker productivity applications from Microsoft, Office 2003. With the new functionality of Office 2003, systems speak the same language; users have access to current data at all times, and can retrieve it from almost any source; and teams can collaborate and coordinate with one another no matter where they are. Office 2003 provides new capabilities, new technologies and new designs to help information workers and businesses in the following areas : Process Management. The broad implementation of industry-standard Extensible Markup Language (XML), integrated task panes for research and communication and expanded Smart tag capabilities, help bring relevant and current business data to the user from within Microsoft Office System applications. They also provide a platform for business process solutions to be built on top of the familiar Office interface. Information Intelligence. XML enables Office 2003 applications to communicate with almost any system. As a result, familiar Office applications now can be enabled to access complex back-end data stores without requiring expensive customization. XML also frees up information from within the millions of documents sitting on desktops and on servers, allowing customers to use that information to make an impact on their organization. Consuming Information. Advancements such as the redesigned look and feel of the Outlook e-mail and collaboration client, ink support, dynamic worksheet calculations and ClearType make it easier to read, organize, annotate and analyze data. Information protection and control. Support for Windows Rights Management allows organizations to proactively control how proprietary information is distributed by preventing e-mail messages and attachments from being cut, copied, pasted or printed by unauthorized individuals. Information goes only where it is intended to go. Effective teamwork. Document Workspaces and Meeting Workspaces, instant messaging and presence, integrated task panes and live e-mail attachments bring workers together to share and access relevant information, hold meetings and work on documents in real time, with immediate access to one another across geographic boundaries. Coordination and organization. Shared calendars and contacts, Outlook Search Folders, Quick Flags, Rules and Alerts, and new document libraries help knowledge workers manage and organize projects, information and tasks.