ISBN 9788183334075,MS Word 2007 - Training Guide

MS Word 2007 - Training Guide


Jain S


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183334075

ISBN-10 8183334075


Language (English)

Computer science

(Visual Approach to Learning MS Word 2007 Package)andFeaturesComplete Guide for Step-by-Step LearningQuick and Easy Reference for Learning MS Word 2007Step-by-Step description of various commandsComprehensively covers all important features of MS Word 2007 in easy to understand mannerContentsStarting MS Word 2007, Open a Document, Creating a Document, Saving a Document, Customize the List ofRecently used files, Printing a Document, Preview a Document, Closing and Quitting Word, Closing a DocumentWindow, Getting Help in MS Word 2007, Show or Hide Screen Tips, What is MS Word processing, Why use Word 2007,andWord Processing Terminologies, MS Word 2007 Interface, Displaying or Hiding Rulers, The Status Bar,Mouse Terminology, Shapes of the Mouse Pointer, Undo and Redo command, Moving around in a document,Typing Text, Apply Correction in Typed Text, Selecting Text with a Mouse, Select Text with a Keyboard,Displaying different views of a document, Moving or Scrolling with Mouse, Moving or Scrolling with Keyboard ,Using Go To Command, Cutting/ Moving Text, Copying Text, Using the Clipboard Task Pane,Deleting items from the Office Clipboard, Using Find and Replace, Replacing Text, Using Spelling Checker,Using Grammar Check, Setting Options for Checking Spelling, Using Thesaurus, Using AutoCorrect Feature,Customize AutoCorrect, Using Word Count Command , Text Formatting, Character Formatting Using FontDialog box, Character Formatting using the Ribbon, Using the Change Case Command,Copying CharacterFormatting, Formatting Paragraphs, Using Paragraph dialog box launcher, Applying Border, Applying Shading,Appling Quick Formatting, Applying a Style, Adding a new style to the Style Gallery, Document Formatting,Setting Document Margins, Setting Paper Size, Inserting Page Break, Inserting Header and Footer,Deleting Header and Footer, Format Page Number, Removing Page Number, Dividing Text into Columns,Editing Columns, Inserting Footnote and endnote, Inserting Symbols, Inserting Equations, CreatingandNew templateCreating a Table, Inserting Rows, Changing Row Height, Inserting Columns, Changing Column Width,Merging and Splitting Cells, Aligning Text in a Table Cell, Convert Text to a Table, Formatting Table Styles,the Contents of a Table, Adding Borders, Performing Calculations in a Table, Settings Tab Stops with the TabsDialog box Print a Document, Cancel Printing, Mail Merge, Creating a Document for Mail-Merge, Starting Mail Merge,Creating Main Document, Specifying Data Source, Saving Data Source, Inserting Fields Names in the Master DocumentSaving the Master Document Printing the Merged Letters, Insert Picture Command, Resizing Graphics , Drawing in Wordand2007, Changing the Appearance of a Drawing, Applying Styles to Objects, Rotate a Drawing, Grouping an Object,Wrap Text Around Images, Create a Text Box, Format a Text Box, Link Text Boxes, Break Links between Text Boxes, Word Artand