ISBN 9789381066287,MSOE 001 Sociology of Education

MSOE 001 Sociology of Education



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381066287

ISBN-10 9381066280


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MSOE 1 SOCIOLOGY OF EDUCATION CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Perspectives and Theories on Education Unit1 The Concept of Education Unit2 Theoretical Approaches Unit3 Thinkers on EducationI Unit4 Thinkers on EducationII Block 2 Pedagogy, Curriculum and Knowledge Unit5 Education, Knowledge and Power Unit6 Education, Nationbuilding, State and Ideology Unit7 Politics of Educational Curriculum Block 3 Education, Social Processes and Institutions Unit8 Education and Socialisation Unit9 Education and Social Change Unit10 Education and Social Mobility Block 4 Education, Social and Human Development Unit11 Role of Education in Social and Human Development: Emerging Perspectives Unit12 Role of Education for Empowerment of the Marginalized Unit13 Education and the Policy of Positive Discrimination and Affirmative Action Block 5 Educational System: Comparative Perspective Unit14 Education: Pluralism and Multiculturalism Unit15 Education in SAARC Countries: Case StudiesI Unit16 Education in Europe: Case StudiesII Block 6 Educational Systems in India Unit17 Education: Expansion and Growth Unit18 Constitutional Provisions and Educational Policies in India Unit19 Universalisation of Elementary Education Block 7 Education, Globalisation and Liberalisation Unit20 Crises in Indian Higher Education Unit21 Expansion of Professional Education and Private Sector Unit22 WTO, GATS, ICTS and Higher Education Block 8 Open Distance Learning: The Emerging Facets Unit23 Education: Social Commitment vs. Commodification Unit24 Social and Philosophical Foundations of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Unit25 Critical Issues in Open and Distance Learning Unit26 ODL: Problems and Prospects QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2007 2. Solution Paper June 2008 3. Solution Paper Dec 2008 4. Solution Paper June 2009 5. Solution Paper Dec 2009 6. Solution Paper June 2010 7. Solution Paper Dec 2010 8. Question Paper June 2011 9. Question Paper Dec 2011 10. Question Paper June 2012 11 and more