ISBN 9788189086794,MTE 1 Calculus

MTE 1 Calculus



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788189086794

ISBN-10 8189086790


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MTE 1 Calculus CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Elements of Differential Calculus Unit1 Real numbers and Functions Unit2 Limits and Continuity Unit3 Differentiation Unit4 Derivatives of Trigonometric Functions Unit5 Derivatives of Some Standard of Functions Block 2 Drawing Curves Unit6 Higher Order Derivatives Unit7 The Ups and Downs Unit8 Geometrical Properties of Curves Unit9 Curve Tracing Block 3 Integral Calculus Unit10 Definite Integral Unit11 Methods of Integration Unit12 Reduction Formulas Unit13 Integration of Rational and Irrational Functions Block 4 Applications of Calculus Unit14 Applications of Differential Calculus Unit15 Area Under a Curve Unit16 Further Application of Integral Calculus QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2004 2. Solution Paper Dec 2004 3. Solution Paper Dec 2005 4. Solution Paper June 2006 5. Solution Paper Dec 2006 6. Solution Paper June 2007 7. Question Paper Dec 2007 8. Question Paper June 2008 9. Question Paper Dec 2008 10. Question Paper June 2009 11. Question Paper Dec 2009 12. Question Paper June 2010 13. Question Paper Dec 2010 14. Question Paper June 2011 15. Question Paper Dec 2011