ISBN 9788121508490,Mukatabat-I-Allami (Insha'i Abu'l Fazl) Daftar I

Mukatabat-I-Allami (Insha'i Abu'l Fazl) Daftar I



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9788121508490

ISBN-10 8121508495

Hard Back

Number of Pages 154 Pages
Language (English)


Although much work has been done on the basis of medieval chronicles, epistolary records have not been fully exploited even though their high value is well-recognised. Insha i Abu'I Fazl is one of those collection of letters whose study provides valuable insight not only into the happengings of a remarkable period in medieval Indian history but also a glimpse of Akbar's outlook towards religion and politics, details bout the Emperor's diplomatic and personal relations, his views about the role of state and his attitude towards important nobles and officials. The volumes of Insha throw much light on the policies pursued in connection with internal and external affairs, provide a self-assessment of the imperial points of view and are valuable in corroborating, supplementing or elaborating the statements in the chronicles.