ISBN 9780230327993,Mullick_fairyish Tales

Mullick_fairyish Tales




Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780230327993

ISBN-10 0230327990


Number of Pages 360 Pages
Language (English)
This book is a part of a series of eight satires, where the author has woven together seemingly diverse strands of mythology, quantum physics, religion, microbiology, sex, evolution, violence, societal structures, nationalism, the terrestrial environment, the cosmos, etc, into a new tapestry of life, of history, of the future and of understanding. Nothing is considered as too diverse. All knowledge, all experience, no matter how apparently fragmented, is ultimately holistic. Everything is interlinked and of relevance for our attitudes to life. The satires are fairyish, where planets weep, the flowers preen, trees philosophise, stars dance, where the Gods are both more and less than Gods, and where the viruses debate over life and death, and over a basic concept of justice - that the few must die, so that the many might live. And, of course, there is the sprinkling of fairyish fairies, ogres and hobgoblins, princes and princesses. Contained within is a formidable array of uncomfortab About the Author Sumit Mullick belongs to Kolkata, where he spent the formative years of his life. He is employed as a civil servant in the Indian Administrative Service. He is author of the novel Seducing Pain, and is currently working on his third novel. He is married and has a daughter Table of Contents The Idea of Civilisation ? The Birth of Civilisation ? Turnus ? The Dance of the Six Nations ? The Inheritance of Earth ? Love and War ? The Organisation of Civilisation ? THe Fall of Civilisation