ISBN 9788178670348,Multimedia Communications

Multimedia Communications





Elsevier Publishing Company

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788178670348

ISBN-10 8178670348


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Key Features Latest Internet protocols for wireless communications Transcoding of Internet multimedia for universal access ATM and ISDN chapters Videoconferencing standards Speech and audio coding standards Multi-casting Latest image compression techniques - More about Referex on Engineering Villlage here. - Organizations with a Referex account may read this book here. Description The rapid advances and industry demands for networked delivery of information and pictures through computer networks and cable television has created a need for new techniques and standards for the packaging and delivery of digital information. Multimedia Communications presents the latest information from industry and academic experts on all standards, methods and protocols. Internet protocols for wireless communications, transcoding of Internet multimedia for universal access, ATM and ISDN chapters, videoconferencing standards, speech and audio coding standards, multi-casting and image compression techniques are included. Readership Electrical engineers and computer engineers in multimedia, communications, and signal processing. Quotes Experts from industry and academia overview current practices and future directions in the delivery of multiple media content over communications networks to users. Applications that incorporate multiple media types are specifically addressed, such as two-way, multipoint video conferencing and one-way streaming of video and audio. Chapters are descriptive in nature, focused on the presentation of results, insights, and key concepts, with a minimum of mathematical analyses and abstraction. Each chapter is intended to stand alone. Gibson is affiliated with the department of electrical engineering at Southern Methodist University.Book News, Inc., Portland, OR Author Information Edited by Jerry D. Gibson , Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. Table of Contents Preface xv List of Contributors xvii Chapter 1:Multimedia Communications: Sour