ISBN 9788176569507,Multimedia & Web Technology (CBSE XI Code 067)

Multimedia & Web Technology (CBSE XI Code 067)


S Jain


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BPB Publications


ISBN 9788176569507

ISBN-10 817656950X


Language (English)

Web programming

This book is designed to give you insight into the “art and science” of Multimedi&Web Technology. It does not demand any special background to comprehend the subject matter. This book covers the entire syllabus contents of Multimedia and Web Technology for Class XII Prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE )in a clear and simple language. It presents s detailed discussion of MS Windows,MS Word,Document Object Model,different Authoring Tools and VB Script. In addition,each concepts of HTML is illustrated with examples.A separate unit is specially designed on XML,the current language for Web page designs.   Unit I  Computer System -       Computer Fundamentals -       Software -       Working on Computer -       Microsoft Windows -       Documentation using MS Word   Unit II Web Development -       Introduction to HTML/DHTML -       Basic Tags of HTML -       Creating Links -       Tables -       Frames -       Forms -       Document Object Model and Cascading Style Sheets -       eXtensible Markup Language   Unit III  Web Scripting   -       VBScript -       Basic Concepts in Multimedia -       Introduction to Adobe Photoshop -       Layers -       Channels and Masks -       Painting and Editing -       Working with Selections -       Multimedia Audio