ISBN 9788176566582,Murach's Beginning Visual Basic.NET

Murach's Beginning Visual Basic.NET


Anne Prince


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9788176566582

ISBN-10 8176566586


Number of Pages 724 Pages
Language (English)

Computer programming

Product DescriptionWith this book, you can learn the skills of a professional programmer in just 692 pages. Because of its self-paced approach in the first 7 chapters, you can do that whether you're new to Visual Basic.NET or you're upgrading from Visual Basic 6. From that point on, you're ready for rapid progress as you learn how to develop sophisticated GUIs, how to use the .NET classes for a wide variety of To ensure success, this book includes 18 complete business applications so you can see how the forms, controls, and code of Visual Basic applications work together. Applications like these should be a standard part of all programming books. BUT NO OTHER VB BOOK DOES THIS.  Contents Section 1: The Essence of Visual Basic .NET Programming     Chapter : 1 : How to get started with Visual Basic .Net     Chapter : 2 : How to develop a Windows Forms application     Chapter : 3 : Visual Basic language essentials (Part 1)     Chapter : 4 : Visual Basic language essentials (Part 2)      Chapter : 5 : Visual Basic language essentials (Part 3)     Chapter : 6 : How to develop object-oriented applications     Chapter : 7 : How to test and debug an application   Section 2: How to work with Windows forms and controls     Chapter : 8 : How to work with Windows controls     Chapter : 9 : How to develop a multi-form application     Chapter : 10 : How to enhance the user interface    Section 3: More language essentials     Chapter :11 : How to work with dates and strings     Chapter :12 : How to work with arrays and collections     Chapter :13 : How to work with structures and files      Chapter :14 : How to use XML with files      Chapter :15:  More skills for object-oriented programming   Section 4: Database Programming essentials     Chapter :16 : An introduction to database programming      Chapter :17 : How to develop a database application with ADO.NET     Chapter :18 : How to work with bound controls and parameterized queries     Section 5: Web Programming essentials     Chapter :19 : How to develop a Web Forms application      Chapter :20 : How to create and use web services