ISBN 9789350239407,Murachs Java Programming: Training and Reference

Murachs Java Programming: Training and Reference



Shroff Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789350239407

ISBN-10 935023940X

Paper Back

Edition 4th
Language (English)

Computer programming

About the Book: Murachs Java Programming:Training and Reference:4th Edition Thats what one developer wrote us about an earlier edition ofourcore Java book. Now, you can expect that same practical,time-savingapproach in the current edition that covers the latestrelease ofJava Standard Edition, Java SE 7 (or JDK 1.7). And to make training even easier for you, this book now showsyouhow to develop Java programs using NetBeans, a popular,professionalIDE that will boost your productivity at everystep. What to expect from this book Get a quick start: Youll be writing your first completeJavaapplications at the end of chapter 2! Build realistic applications: By the end of chapter 5, youllknowhow to use Java classes, objects, and methods to writebulletproofapplications that use custom methods to validate userinput. Thatgets you off to a fast start in Java whether youre abeginner orhave years of programming experience. Save work with NetBeans: Starting from chapter 1, youlltakeadvantage of the time-saving features that an IDE provides asyouuse NetBeans to create, compile, run, test, and debugJavaapplications. OOP made clear: Section 2, on object-oriented programming,cutsthrough the mystery of inheritance, polymorphism, and thefactorypattern so you can learn how to create and usesophisticatedbusiness and data access classes. At that point, youllknow how todevelop real-world, object-oriented, businessapplications. Expand your core Java skills: In section 3, youll learn moreofthe core Java features that youll use all the time, like howtowork with arrays, dates, strings, exceptions, enhanced forloops,try-with-resources, and more! Because each chapter in thissectionis independent of the others, you can add these skills toyourresume whenever you need them. Create user-friendly GUIs: Section 4 shows you how to usethepopular Swing GUI Builder that comes with NetBeans to developGUIapplications. Here, youll learn how to handle events,validatedata, and populate objects to create applica