ISBN 9780439943284,Murderous Maths: Codes How To Maks Them And Break Tham

Murderous Maths: Codes How To Maks Them And Break Tham



Scholastic India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780439943284

ISBN-10 0439943280

Paper Back

Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Will show readers how to encode/decode their own messages in as many ways as possible. Examples of differently coded messages will also fit in well with the diverse range of the usual MM characters. The contents would include: Disguised codes (e.g. see the last para of synopsis); Scrambled codes (where the order of letters is mixed up); Substitution codes (where letters are replaced by other letters or symbols or just 14 21 13 2 5 18 19 ); Some history of how codes have been used in the past, from ancient Roman times to cracking the WW2 German Enigma machine; and, other message systems such as morse code, flags and also activity ideas such as making cut-out stencils that work with code grids. Although the other MM books deliberately avoid exercises or setting questions, this title lends itself to setting messages that need decoding by the reader, possibly leading up to a mega message to decode at the end. Can you see this very last paragraph is coded? (Read all the fourth words). The book demonstrates other codes you've probably never really been aware of. Stop waiting therefore and go for it.