ISBN 9788183070799,Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law



Goyal Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9788183070799

ISBN-10 8183070795


Number of Pages 108 Pages
Language (English)

Law for the lay person

Murphy's Law is a Book of Miracles and you know what Murphy (quoting Finagle's Rules) says about them:
?Don't believe in miracles ? Rely upon them.?
You can rely on Murphy's Law for miraculous revelations and unassailable realities ? all culled from the intricacies of twentieth century life. The author has included some Laws of Parkinson, some Peter Principles and even a little Cole's Law (slimly sliced cabbage).

There are chapter for truth-seekers in every field ? from Designmanship and Machinesmanship to Hierarchiology and Humanship. Of Fate has you by the throat or a tiger has your tongue, let Murphy's now classic words say it for you:
?If anything can go wrong, it will.?
Arthur Bloch, like Murphy, has refined his natural wisdom through years of hard work. He has been a car wash attendant, an egg gatherer, and a bass guitarist, and his words have appeared in The People's Almanac and The Book of Lists. Bloch currently resides in Berkeley, California, and studies cosmology.

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