ISBN 9781906370701,My First Atlas (Scribblers Where On Earth)

My First Atlas (Scribblers Where On Earth)


Mark Williams






Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9781906370701

ISBN-10 1906370702
Number of Pages 16 Pages
Language (English)


This is a simple and engaging guide to the world around us, featuring a variety of famous landmarks, beautiful scenes and interesting places. Clearly labelled maps of different continents give toddlers and young children an introduction to geography that they can understand and enjoy. This guide features beautiful photographs of well-known natural and man-made landmarks. Questions on each page encourage interaction and enhance learning. Lively colour photographs and brightly coloured backgrounds make every page visually exciting."Scribblers' Where on Earth?" atlases are designed to be a simple introduction to the names of places, along with the animals and the people that live in them. Babies and toddlers love books. Right from the start, they love to listen to voices and look at pictures. A toddler's brain contains twice as many connections as an adult's, so we have more capacity to learn in infancy than at any other time. Reading to children helps them learn to listen and to recognise and imitate the sounds they hear. They will benefit from books long before they are ready to learn to read. Children love familiar things, and they will enjoy sharing books like this time and time again.