ISBN 9788123907468,My Great India Economic Development & Glaring Disparities

My Great India Economic Development & Glaring Disparities




Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788123907468

ISBN-10 812390746X

Hard Back

Number of Pages 400 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

There is a remarkable chasm between the globally competitive and Information technology rich India and the India of the very poor and the marginalised majority. In fact this great segment of human habitation should have been a wider market opportunity for Indias economic development. For achieving such mighty advancement it is crucial for the majority poor to have an easy access to a credit system in order to escape poverty. Unfortunately caught between dishonest money lenders and oppressive landlords most poor cannot escape from the stronghold of poverty without having a popular credit system for the poor. We need to put greater emphasis on creating wealth and the incomes for all rather than distributive justice without wealth that breeds poverty by itself.. At the same time we must be deeply concerned about inequalities in income which has increased in the last 50 years. The Central Government has wasted Rs 35000 crore annually on subsidies of every kind and on various rural employment schemes - on electricity food water housing and other necessities - which were provided with a view to ensuring economic justice. In reality subsidies have turned into entitlement. We have thereby promoted dependence on doles and passivity. Over the period subsidies in effect have become a hindrance to Indias economic development and growth. Beneficiaries know very well that grandiose poverty alleviation programmes have not ended poverty. Still the government continues to pour money into them. The economic development programmes have failed because of corruption inefficiency uncaring officials redtapism and nepotism due to the shortage of resources. In India be- cause there are too few jobs and too much competition nepotism becomes the means to achieve the goal.

About the Author
Dr. Brojendra Nath Banerjee has had a varied professional background ranging from International Development Agencies - The Ford Foundation India Field Office in New Delhi United. Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to Indo-German Chamber of Commerce New Delhi. Dr. Banerjee began his career with a two-year stint with Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) as a Research Fellow at the Department of Agriculture Science College Calcutta University. He also spent a few profitable years with Japanese National Professor Noboru Tabe at the Institute of Asian Economic Affairs Tokyo in collaboration with the Indian Statistical Institute Calcutta for a Research Project on Industrial Productivity. In addition he was actively involved in promoting corporate identity of Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) and Processed Foods Export Promotion Council Ministry of Commerce Government of India. He is well-known as a scholar in Economic Development International RelationsEnvironmental awareness and Religion. He has made a major contribution to Social Sciences with more than two dozen scholarly books to his credit. He is also elected to the Dictionary of International Biographys International Men of Achievement and International WHOs WHO and Asian Authors WHOs WHO. His name also appears in India WHOs WHO.