ISBN 9785111129025,My Wise Countrymen: Love, Pride, Glory

My Wise Countrymen: Love, Pride, Glory



Inspire Group

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9785111129025

ISBN-10 5111129022


Number of Pages 187 Pages
Language (English)


A commmon student from a common college of a common city lives with common dreams and wishes...but destiny calls him for his ability to help other fulfil their common wishes by challenging the game of royals as a common citizen...

It is not a super-hero's fictitious action talk. Not even about any Bollywood hero who can fight 100 villains alone without weapons. Rather, it is a very natural, feasible and possible deed's story in which six students begin with a simple agenda of life i.e. 'enjoy it fullest'. They fall in love, they plan a life, they plan a familiy but nothing favor their dreams. Their upbringing and life incidents demand a rebellion instinct...they turn out to be so with the practical solution of this great country incredibly called India!