ISBN 9788183390590,Mystic Traditions Of Kashmir

Mystic Traditions Of Kashmir


Iqbal Ahmad


Gulshan Books



Gulshan Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788183390590

ISBN-10 8183390595

Hard Back

Language (English)

History & Politics

When Mahatma Gandhi arrived here in 1931, he could see the rays of light in this glorious valley. These were the times when sub continent was burning with communal riots. Mahatma Gandhi was very much impressed by this land and its people. This great Mahatma was able to feel and see the true spirit of this land and its people, where there existed no barriers among various communities, religions and castes and sects, where everyone had one identity that was Kashmiriyat, quite different from today's politically motivated Kashmiriyat .It was that Kashmiriyat .It was that Kashmiriyat which was founded and cultivated Kashmiriyat .It was that Kashmiriyat which was founded and cultivated by Rishis and Sufis of this land. Everybody knew that Kashmir has got its own indigenous mysticism based on its local character and environment and also partly influenced by the external religious influences. These traditions are very rich particularly in this mountain walled valley. There is no village or locality seen where there is not any Sufi shrine, center or any relic associated with any Sufi or Reshi .As such several people called it as the land of saints. The book, titled as the Mystic Traditions of Kashmir is based on this local mysticism and gives a detail description of these tradition with its evolution. It has made mention even of the little known saints of this valley and provides its readers an in-depth study of Sufi saints and their respective tombs and the traditions thereby associated with their shrines .The book also gives you a insight view of Sufi works, practices, diets, dresses, shrines, architectural wonders and festivals associated with different tombs and Khanqahs.