ISBN 9788121509152,Myths Of The North-East Frontier Of India

Myths Of The North-East Frontier Of India



Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1999

ISBN 9788121509152

ISBN-10 8121509157

Hard Back

Number of Pages 470 Pages
Language (English)


This book contains some three hundred and eighty stories collected in the remote villages, largely untouched by external influence, of the hitherto little known North-East Frontier Agency of India. This great tract of mountain and forest is inhabited by people who have preserved their social organization and cultural institutions almost intact throughout the centuries. Their mythology is thus of absorbing interest, for although the motifs of some of the stories are known elsewhere in India and indeed throughout the world, there are many others which are fresh and original. This book, therefore, will not only be of value to professional students of folklore but will also open a door of exciting surprise to anyone interested in a good story with a new and unexpected flavour. Contents Introduction I. HEAVEN AND EARTH : 1. The Creation of the World 2. The Firmament 3. The Sun and Moon 4. Thunder and Lightning 5. Water 6. Earthquake II. MAN AND HIS HISTORY : 7. The First Men 8. The Tricksters 9. The Land of Women III. THE DAILY LIFE OF MAN : 10. The Domestic Life of Man 11. The Comforts of Man 12. The Discovery of Fire 13. The Beginnings of Religion 14. The Threat of Disease 15. The Coming of Death IV. THE WORLD OF ANIMALS : 16. Arthropods 17. Frogs, Leeches and Fishes 18. Reptiles 19. Birds 20. Mammals