ISBN 9789381406021,Naga Culture: Free Against the Odds

Naga Culture: Free Against the Odds



Dev Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381406021

ISBN-10 9381406022

Hard Back

Number of Pages 372 Pages
Language (English)


Naga Culture is the portrayal of the unique but unknown Naga Peoples. Their habitat is located and the Northwest of Myanmar, formerly Burma. Over forty tribes with common ancestry but a multiple of affiliated languages and attires make up the Naga community. Seeing them in their finest attires during festivals as well as in ordinary life is an extraordinary experience. And, because their land untile recently has been isolated from the outside world hardly a sould knows about them; this includes Indians and Myanmarese. Naga Culture is photographed and written by Francs Welman and Ngathingkhui Jagoi, with important visual from Caisii Mao and Famke Veenstra.