ISBN 9780689868580,Nancy Drew: Sectret Of The Spa

Nancy Drew: Sectret Of The Spa


Keene Carolyn


Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9780689868580

ISBN-10 0689868588


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)

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When I scored tickets to the grand opening of a new spa in town, I knew I had to take Bess. George came along, too, but she's been acting so weird. I knew this wouldn't be her idea of a total blast, but she's just been no fun at all. It's unlike her to be such a grouch! But then, this new spa isn't turning out to be much fun, either. Deirdre's here, for starters. And someone's tampering with the food, and trying to take the "luxury" out of this otherwise luxurious place. Something stinks in this spa, and if I can't sniff it out, my name's not Nancy.... About the Author Carolyn Keene is the pseudonym of the authors of the Nancy Drew mystery stories and The Dana Girls mystery stories, both produced by the Stratemeyer Syndicate. In addition, Keene is credited with the Nancy Drew spin-off, River Heights.