ISBN 9780593056912,Narrow Dog to Indian River

Narrow Dog to Indian River






Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9780593056912

ISBN-10 0593056914

Hard Back

Number of Pages 368 Pages
Language (English)

Travel writing

Having survived their voyage to Carcassonne, you would expect pensioners Terry and Monica Darlington and their whippet, Jim, to retire to a comfortable corner of their favourite public house. But no, they looked to the New World for their extraordinary new adventure...
No-one has ever sailed an English narrowboat in the US before, for reasons that become clear during the 9-month voyage of the Phyllis May - including 30-mile sea crossings, blasting heat, tornadoes, hurricanes and all manner of intimidating wildlife. But the real danger comes from the Good Ole Boys and Girls of the Deep South. Colonels, bums, captains, planters, heroes, drunks, gongoozlers, dancing dicks and beautiful spies - they all want to meet the Brits on the painted boat and their thin dog and take them home and party them to death. And from the Phyllis May, a thousand miles of the little-known South-East Seaboard unfold at six miles an hour- the golden marshes of the Carolinas, the incomparable cities of Charleston and Savannah, and the lost arcadias of Georgia and Florida.
Beautifully written, lovingly observed, and very funny, Narrow Dog to Indian River takes you on a dangerous, surprising and always entertaining journey.