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Simon & Schuster



Simon & Schuster

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9781421558851

ISBN-10 1421558858


Number of Pages 186 Pages
Language (English)


While the four Hokage struggle with Uchiha Madara, Uzumaki Naruto attacks the rogue ninja Tobi. Tobi has so far proven completely impervious to all attacks, but Naruto believes he can be defeated. Kakashi finds it difficult to deal with the fact that Tobi seems to know a lot about his own powers. Why does Tobi claim to know the secrets of Kakashi's Mangyeko Sharingan? Who is Tobi behind that mask? Is he Madara as he claims? If he is Madara, then who is the ninja facing the four Hokage? Get ready for world shattering action in this amazing installment to the manga. About Masashi Kishimoto Masashi Kishimoto is a Japanese mangaka. He is best known for the Naruto manga series which is currently ongoing in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in Japan. He is the elder twin brother of Seishi Kishimoto, who is known for 666Satan and Blazer Drive. Naruto has since been adapted into two award winning anime series: Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. Collector's Note This volume collects chapters 598 to 607 of the Naruto manga. The action continues in Volume 64: Ten-Tails! Anime Note Dattebane, brave ninjas. If you're thinking the Naruto Shippuden anime is slow and want to know where this volume picks up, then go no further. It starts right where episode 342 ends, so be sure to catch the action-ttebane!