ISBN 9788188569502,National Security And Intelligence Management A New Paradigm

National Security And Intelligence Management A New Paradigm



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788188569502

ISBN-10 818856950X


Number of Pages 344 Pages
Language (English)

Political Science

National Security and Intelligence Management - A New Paradigm offers a clinical analysis of the flaws in our current security system, policing and intelligence collection. Based on the author's vast experience in the government service for 36 years, this book attempts to study various security and intelligence systems. While many other countries have transformed their security, intelligence and policing methods with changing times, India has regrettably trailed far behind. There have been no valuable improvements either in intelligence collection practices or in policing since Independence, except for the addition of numbers. The author explains how our intelligence system has remained almost the same as we inherited it after the Second World War. Our policing system exhibits the same approach as we did in the year 1861, when the first Police Act was codified. This book offers many such insights into the issues and attempts for feasible solutions.