ISBN 9788171562800,Nationalism and British Ra

Nationalism and British Ra


S. R. Bakshi






Publication Year 1995

ISBN 9788171562800

ISBN-10 8171562809


Number of Pages 170 Pages
Language (English)


The political, economic and social condition of the Punjab took a new turn during the first global war. There was much resentment and dissatisfac¬tion at various levels in the province. The people could not expect solution of their problems which were growing day by day. Hence the anti-Raj stance was magnified more and more with the passage of time.
The new laws passed by the Raj were indeed no solution to contain the growing dissatisfaction. They were thought to be a severe attack on their civil liberties and rights for which they were denied justice as they could not go to the court of law. The atrocities on innocent people before and after the martial law were proverbial in the history of our country. People lost faith in the efficacy of the Raj and sought ways and means to launch an all India non-violent struggle, in the coming years, under the leader¬ship of Mahatma Gandhi.
The book analyses in a compre¬hensive way the severe mass opposi¬tion to the Rowlatt Bills resulting into the ghastly tragedy in the Jallianwala Bagh at Amritsar. It is based on an analytical study of archival sources. The work would be a useful study for students, teachers and researchers of Modern Indian History.

About Author:
Dr. S.R. Bakshi is an eminent his¬torian who is the author of several works on Indian nationalism and the freedom movement.