ISBN 9789381904152,Naxal Violence: The Threat Within

Naxal Violence: The Threat Within



Knowledge World Publishers

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381904152

ISBN-10 9381904154


Number of Pages 262 Pages
Language (English)


The causative factor for the existence of the Naxal movement inIndia is ideological. Today, 196 districts are affected by it. Ofthese districts, 35 have been seriously impacted where the writ ofthe state is either weak or almost nonexistent. The spread ofNaxalism is an indication of the sense of desperation andalienation that has swept across large sections of India. Naxalviolence in the red corridor and beyond has increased owing to thefailure of the central and state governments to satiate the needsof the locals and meeting their basic expectations. Outreachefforts of Naxalites for arms, training, finance, ideology, drugstrade, and to forge a broad front against the common enemy India,are a matter of concern.

They have established linkages with the Maoists of Nepal,militant groups operating in northeast India, anti-India actorsboth state and non-state based in Pakistan, and umbrellaorganisations at regional and global levels. The military might ofthe CPI (Maoist) has grown to a sizeable force of the PeoplesLiberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) and continues to challenge theIndian state. The series of violent incidents against the stateagencies and abduction of government personnel highlights thedegree of concern that the problem demands. This volume is acompilation of papers that aims to address the various perspectivesof what the Prime Minister of India has oft declared to be the mostserious internal security challenge facing the nation. An in-depthstudy of the characteristics of the Naxal movement, the book coversthe genesis, causative factors, strategy, linkages of the movementand the options and challenges for the Indian state.Recommendations for conflict resolution are also charted out in thebook. Now is the time to systematically deal with the threat beforeit transforms into a potent force