ISBN 9789351764700,NCERT Exemplar Physics Problems - Solutions (Class 12) : Detailed Explanation to All Objective & Subjective Problems

NCERT Exemplar Physics Problems - Solutions (Class 12) : Detailed Explanation to All Objective & Subjective Problems



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789351764700

ISBN-10 9351764702


Number of Pages 263 Pages
Language (English)


Questions are the root cause of success. The more new & authentic questions you will have, the more new & authentic knowledge you will have. Considering this fact, the Department of Education in Physics & Mathematics (DESM) with an aim to improve the quality of teaching / learning process in schools has made an attempt to develop resource books of Exemplar Problems in different subjects at secondary and higher-secondary stage. These specialized resource books named NCERT Exemplars are not meant to serve merely as question banks for examinations but are primarily meant to discourage rote learning.

The first and the only books of its kind by Arihant Publications is an attempt at providing comprehensive guide to NCERT Exemplar Problems - Solutions for Class IX to XII. The present book for Class XII Physics contains different types of questions of varying difficulty level. Also detailed explanation for comprehensive understanding has been given for all objective and subjective problems. Some questions covered in the book would require the students to apply simultaneous understanding of more than one chapters / units. The book has been divided into 15 chapters namely Electric Charges & Fields, Electrostatic Potential & Capacitance, Current Electricity, Moving Charges & Magnetism, Magnetism & Matter, Electromagnetic Induction, Alternating Current, Electromagnetic Waves, Ray Optics & Optical Instruments, Wave Optics, Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter, Atoms, Nuclei, Semiconductor Electronics - Materials, Devices & Simple Circuits and Communication Systems. The problems covered in the book will encourage teachers to design quality questions on their own. The questions provided in the book will test comprehension, information recall, analytical thinking and problem-solving ability, creativity and speculative ability. The book will also be highly useful for school examinations and to build foundation for engineering & medical entrance examinations.

As the book contains detailed and comprehensive solutions for NCERT Exemplar problems for Class XII Physics, it will help in discouraging rote learning.