ISBN 9788185860589,Neem and Pest Management

Neem and Pest Management



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788185860589

ISBN-10 8185860580

Hard Back

Number of Pages 600 Pages
Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Neem (Azadirachta indica A. Juss), is indigenours to India from where it has spread to many Asian and African countries. The earliest authentic record of its medicinal use is available in Arthashshtra of Kautilya in 4th century B.C. Neem is one tree which has a reputation of possessing a large number of biological activities such as insecticidal, bactericidal, spermicidal, nematicidal, antiviral, diuretic and antipyretic. Neem is an eco-friendly pesticide as it does not, normally, harm mammals, birds and useful insects, bioagents and pollinators. The neem seed kernel is one from which azadirachtin is produced that acts as antifeedant, repellent, insect growth regulator and having toxic effect on pests of agricultural crops.

In this book, finer details of pest management with neem products have been given. This book on neem is timely and of great significance and would be useful to teachers, researchers and students etc.

About The Author
Dr. Ram Praksh Srivastava received his M.Sc. In Zoology with specialization in entomology in 1962 from Lucknow University and Ph.D. in Agricultural Entomology in 1977 from Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi on "Integrated Control of Fruit Pests" (Mango mealybug and lemon buterfly).

Dr. Srivastava joined the division of Entomology, IARI, New Delhi in the year 1964 as Reasarch Assistant in the Biological Control Section and worked on mango, citrus, groundnut, vegetable crops, maize and mustard crop and served the section for 7 years and published many research papers in National and International Journals on various aspects of Entomology. Various aspects of his research pursuit in Central Institute for Subtropical Horticulture, Lucknow include management of insect-pest of mango, biological control of insect-pests mango, use of plant products such as neem products, Alpinia galanga and other essential oils to control mango pests etc. He is one of the active and leading scientists of the country on insect-pests of fruit crops, especially the integrated pest Management (IPM). He has publised seven chapters in book, 120 research papers and 47 popular articles in various Journals. Dr. Srivastava is author of four books, namely (i) Mango Insect Pest Management (ii) Mango quarantine pests, Export and Rules (iii) Biopesticides and Biogents in Integrated Pest Management of Mango, and (iv) Mango Cultivation.