ISBN 9788188204717,Neon Fish In Dark Water

Neon Fish In Dark Water


Mapin Publishing



Mapin Publishing

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788188204717

ISBN-10 8188204714


Number of Pages 160 Pages
Language (English)


All the stories in this volume are set in the year 2050, in The City. Though they are set in the future, and though science has a role to play in some of them, these are not science fiction stories. Some of the stories are related to each other. This form, stories loosely related to each other and set in the same world, does not yet have a name of its own. The stories tell of some curious characters in The City--extraordinary, solitary individuals--some children who may or may not be solitary, a pair of lovers, a butterfly expert, a painter, a nurse, an ex-hacker, an inspector and a serial killer, a software developer and coder etc....

About the Author
Aniket Jaaware teaches English at the University of Pune. He is mainly interested in the literary genres of science fiction, fantasy and horror, and cinema. His earlier publications include a few poems and essays and an academic book called Simplifications: An Introduction to Structuralism and Post-Structuralism. He also translates between English and Marathi. This literary publication comes after a long gap. More than twenty years ago, he had published a novel in Marathi. His subsequent projects include a fantasy trilogy, which he hopes to start working on soon.

Table of Contents
Love: Store in a Cool Dark Place
Nurse Phi, the Electronic Rembrandt
The Bicyde Boy and the Vendor of Variables
The Bridge Man
The PI Speech and Coda
The Tout Autre Killer
The Kaffkett Korp
The Case of the Hollow Golden Goddess
Girl with Matches
Symbrenthia Hypatia Chersonesia