ISBN 9780007491520,Neuromancer





Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9780007491520

ISBN-10 0007491522

Hard Back

Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


There is a hidden world known as the Matrix. Here, every byte in the cyberspace is manifested in a hallucination of epic proportions. Henry Dorsett Case was once an expert hacker. He was ruined by his former employees who damaged his central nervous system with a mycotoxin. The toxin removed his ability to access the Matrix, and Case becomes instantly unemployable. While he searches for a cure, he is saved by a mercenary working for Armitage, a former military officer. Armitage is upto something, and he promises Case a way back into the Matrix. In return, Case must work for Armitage. It seemed like an easy bargain until Armitage revealed his target: the dangerous Tessier-Ashpool business clan's artificial intelligence that orbits the Earth. Case has no idea how dangerous this mission is going to be, and his only allies are the mercenary who saved his life, the cybernetically augmented Molly Millions, and the digital consciousness of a dead man. This book originally became an underground hit, gathering a cult following. It is credited with beginning the cyberpunk genre, and it garnered an unprecedented amount of acclaim and attention. About William Gibson William Gibson is an American-Canadian novelist and essayist who is known for his work in the cyberpunk and speculative fiction genres. Gibson pioneered the cyberpunk genre, even coining the phrase in his short story, Burning Chrome. Series Reading Order Neuromancer leads directly into Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive, together comprising the Sprawl Trilogy.